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Training Goals

Unlock Consulting sets the world standard for hands-on management and sales training. Our instructors are the most experienced, best prepared and most resourceful mentors in the training industry. Every UCL Course is designed with the goal of making you even more productive by providing practical, relevant skills that you can apply on the job immediately.

Unlock Consulting partners with client organisations in providing employees with training in the following result areas,

  •     An increase in Return On (Sales) Investment that impacts positively on year end financial results
  •     An increase in Market share A new and refreshed image
  •     A closer and more enduring affinity with customers
  •     A boost in confidence & competence levels of staff
  •     An improvement and greater commitment to official responsibilities and reawakening of brand values and employee potentials

This partnership is also designed to arm staff with the tools and capacity to properly handle the challenges that come with doing business in an increasingly competitive space and financial constraints.

In order to deliver on our expectations, we take into consideration the following requirements,

    Developing A Training Strategy That Aligns with clients overall Human Resource Development Strategy & Objectives
  •     Improving & Strengthening Research & Strategic Focus
  •     Developing Professional Sales/Marketing, Accounts, Finance & Management Skills
  •     Building & Developing Critical Thinking & Analytic Skills
  •     Establishing & Developing a Culture peculiar to our clients

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