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Program Overview

This program allows delegates to develop and apply Marketing Principles and Processes in decision making and Customer Management. What constitutes marketing budget. Identifying their peculiar customer and market requirements effectively thus providing the theoretical basis for products/solutions. Delegates will be able to;

-Definition, Concepts & Principles of Marketing & Marketing Management

-Design & Application of Marketing Budgets

- Employment of research, discussions in the designing of Budgets and matching budgets appropriately to marketing strategies and expectations

-Developing Relationship Management Skills as a tool for Focused Marketing

- Understanding the relationship between Sales & Marketing

- Understanding the analytic elements of Sales & Marketing

- Understand the role of strategy and competition analysis in marketing strategy & profitability

- Managing Marketing & Customer Expectations      

What to Learn
Professional Marketing Management, Marketing Budgets, Relationship Management Skills &,understanding Marketing Research and Market Expectations, Teamwork in Focused Marketing, Understanding the place of culture in Focused Marketing
For Whom
All Sales staff
Instructor-Led / 2 days
Methodology Facilitator-Led Instructions Presentations ,Work Groups & Discussions ,Preparation & Drafting Of Action Plans
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