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Program Overview

This program allows delegates to align organisational marketing and sales strategies with Regional Channel Development goals and objectives to achieve merchandising/branding, distribution, sales, connection and visibility targets. Delegates are also empowered to address Channel Stakeholder needs and requirements. Delegates will be able to;

-Define the Concepts & Principles of Channel Development & Management

-Align everyday activities with Distribution Channel Players

- Employment of research and discussions appropriate to marketing strategies and expectations

-Developing Relationship Management Skills as a tool for Channel Development

- Understanding the relationship between Sales & Marketing

- Understand the concepts and principles of Merchandising and Branding

- Apply Merchandising & Branding In the Channels Of Distribution

- Managing Marketing & Customer Expectations

- Understand the role of strategy and competition analysis in marketing strategy & profitability - Aligning Company Goals & Objectives with Channel Players Expectations
What to Learn
Concepts & Principles Of Merchandising/Branding & Channel Development, The Retail Concept, Designing & Implementing Distribution & Connection Plans, Designing & Implementing Customer Service & Loyalty Plans In The Channel, Understanding Relationship Management & Implementing CRM In The Channel, Understanding Competition & Applying Competitive Intelligence In Trade Partner Management, Teamwork In Sales Distribution
For Whom
All Sales staff
Instructor-Led / 2 days
Instructions ,Presentations ,Videotaped Role Plays ,Work Groups & Discussions Preparation & Drafting Of Action Plans
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