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Program Overview

This program allows delegates to build and develop their leadership skills while identifying their unique leadership style. Delegates will be able to;

- Understand the concepts of leadership

- Improve their range of leadership skills

- Have developed study, research and evaluative skills and have an understanding of the expectations of the programme

- Be aware of the place of listening, discussing and presenting in the establishment of relationships and the culture of learning and leading

- Be aware of the nature of teams

- Be aware of the skills required for good public speaking

- Have improved their persuasive speaking skills      

What to Learn
leadership and leading groups, team building ,team management, understanding teams, mutual expectations, the culture of learning through interaction, listening skills, research skills, presentation skills, public speaking
For Whom
Middle Level – Senior Managers
Instructor-Led / 5days
Facilitator-Led Instructions, Presentations, Work Groups & Discussions, Preparation & Drafting Of Action Plans
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