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Program Overview

This program is designed for accounting staff with a view to putting their roles in perspective, developing and refreshing their accounting skills and what management requires in terms of reporting and presentation Participants will be able to:

- To understand what a business is and its types

- Have an overview of accounting and its fundamentals

- Understand the concept of fixed assets accounting

-To prepare and appreciate the need for bank reconciliation

- Understand the financial statements and its contents, with particular emphasis on the preparation of the balance sheet and profit and loss account.

- Understand the concept of suspense accounts

- Understand the valuation of assets and their accounting treatments, with reference to stocks, investments and foreign exchange balances.      

What to Learn
Accounting Skills & Accounting presentation ,understanding Accounting expectations and requirements, concepts in creative accounting
For Whom
All Accounting, Finance & Investment staff & Junior Managers
Instructor-Led / 2days
Facilitator-Led Instructions, Presentations, Work Groups & Discussions, Preparation & Drafting Of Action Plans
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