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Program Overview

This programme provides delegates bearing budgetary responsibilities with the skills required to recognise budgetary areas, preparing budgets, balancing accounts and budgets Participants will be able to: - To understand what a business is and its types

- Have an overview of accounting and its fundamentals

- Understand the concept of fixed assets accounting

- To prepare and appreciate the need for bank reconciliation

- Understand the financial statements and its contents, with particular emphasis on the preparation of the balance sheet and profit and loss account.

- Understand the concept of suspense accounts

- To understand what is budget, its types as well the core objectives of budget process

- Overview of the budgeting process as well as budgetary control

- Characteristics of a successful/good budget

- Overall understanding of basic accounting/book keeping skills as well as financial planning and budgeting.

What to Learn
Accounting & Accounting Management, Understanding Budgets, understanding budgetary requirements and areas
For Whom
All Management Staff
Instructor-Led / 2days
Facilitator-Led Instructions, Presentations, Work Groups & Discussions, Preparation & Drafting Of Action Plans
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