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Program Overview

This programme allows delegates to build and develop their own Sales/Marketing styles while identifying their own unique personality, customer service and selling culture as well as projecting the organisations brand which effectively provides the theoretical basis for solutions recommended to clients. Delegates will be able to;

- Develop & Maintain Corporate Accounts Professionally

- Understand the concepts of Professional Selling including Diagnostic & Consultative Selling Skills

- Improve their range of interpersonal and communication skills

- Understand and plot the roles of each player in Client organisations

- Have developed study, research and evaluative skills that encourages an understanding of the requirements of a solutions provider

- Be aware of the place of research, discussions and presentations in the establishment of relationships and the culture of delivering appropriate and compelling solutions

- Be aware of the nature and need for teamwork

- Be aware of the skills required for excellent customer service and selling - have improved their persuasion and influencing skills

What to Learn
Account Development, Account Management ,understanding Corporations and expectations, the culture of learning and selling through client knowledge, Negotiation and research skills
For Whom
All Experienced Sales/Marketing staff
Instructor-Led / 2 days
Facilitator-Led Instructions Presentations ,Work Groups & Discussions ,Preparation & Drafting Of Action Plans
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